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Promote socio-economic development

Posted on 13-05-2020


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Youth-led organisation, Youth-serving organisation
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Promote socio-economic development
Focus areas
Employment and Entrepreneurship, Education and Skills Development
Please advise on source of funding / donor(s)
Funding is from international organizations like the UNDP, the French Embassy in Niger, USAID, OXFAM and ANSI
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Rue de la Sirba
Mission of the organization
- Make the public aware of ICT issues, in particular by setting up training sessions adapted to this audience;
- Train and develop young people in entrepreneurship and ICT jobs;
- To experiment the practice and the realization of the projects so that these projects have a scientific, artistic, educational, cultural or economic vocation;
- Popularize the use and contributions to computers, materials and free content;
- Sensitize teachers, trainers, journalists and civil society actors on the use of ICTs;
Organisation website – full URL
Full name of organisation’s contact person
Boubacar Mahamane Boubacar
Social impact Statement
With recycled or refurbished computers, Cenitech will organize introductory computer and scratch programming sessions for young children by a team of volunteers specializing in information technology. As for young unemployed graduates or young project holders, they will receive training in ICT through a FABLAB (Manufacturing Laboratory in English or French Manufacturing Laboratory) which in a space of creation and open source innovation in order to accompany them in their projects and facilitate their socio-professional integration. The NGO will also organize training workshops in office automation and other technologies for public and private officials to better equip them and support them in their professional careers. In addition there are open days and awareness days throughout the interior of Niger on the use of technologies such as social networks, the internet, web technologies, connected objects, etc. to make digital a tool for development and support the state in achieving the objectives of the Niger 2.0 initiative led by the National Agency for the Information Society.
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Boubacar Mahamane Boubacar
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Mahamadou Kimba
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Boubacar Mahamane Boubaca
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01 October 2018 2:00 am
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Ministry of the Interior, Public Security, Decentralization and Customary and Religious Affairs
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