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Equitable Health For All

Posted on 17-09-2019


Organisation Name
360 Degree Health Network
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01 September 2016 2:00 am
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Youth-led organisation, Youth-serving organisation
Registration body / Regulator
Corporate Affairs Commission
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Short mission statement
Equitable Health For All
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11b Ananaba Street; off umuocham Road, Aba, Abia State
Country of operation
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Full name of organisation’s contact person
Eze Victor Obinna
Focus areas
Health and Wellbeing
Please advise on source of funding / donor(s)
Voluntary donations and gifts such as medical supplies; mostly from individuals or informal groups, private charities, community organizations. Support/collaborations with other health affiliated agencies financially and also technically.
Affiliate and multi level marketing with brands such as pharmaceutical companies, health service providers and food/beverage companies: Dufil foods, Longrich Nigeria and Johnson and Johnson.
Email address of the organisation
Mission of the organization
To bridge the inequality gap in health care service distribution through free medical outreach in rural communities; engaging Nigerian government and health agencies to create health initiatives that would benefit underprivileged populations such as the disabled, children, pregnant women, elderly, victims of terrorist attack and the chronically ill.The initiative is aimed at fast tracking the attainment of WHO SDG 3 to ‘’ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all’’.
Organisation website – full URL
Telephone Number
Social impact Statement
Since 2016 - local communities in about 8 states, which includes Rivers, Delta, Kano, Lagos, Abia, Ebonyi, Bayelsa and Kastina, has benefited from free medical outreaches through effective collaborations with community organisations and government agencies as well as supporting government sponsored health care programs. We have reached an average of 30,000 respondents since 2016.
Full link to Twitter account
Telephone Number - alternate
Full name of Founder / President
Eze Victor Obinna
Number of beneficiaries?
1,000-100 000
Is the organisation registered/certified
Full name of current President/CEO
Eze Victor Obinna
Countries covered, or geographic footprint
Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana

Youth organisation location

Umuocham Rd, Abayi, Aba, Nigeria
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