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Skills Development and Economic Empowerment

Posted on 07-10-2019


Organisation Name
Together for Africa
Registration body / Regulator
Registra of Companies, Republic of Uganda
Number of staff 18-40?
Organisation Types
Youth-led organisation, Youth-serving organisation
Registration body / Regulator website
Is the organization profit-making?
Short mission statement
Skills Development and Economic Empowerment
Country of operation
Does the organization maintain financials?
Organisation address in text format for site search purposes
Sir Apollo Kagwa road, Kapampala Uganda.
Focus areas
Employment and Entrepreneurship, Education and Skills Development, Health and Wellbeing, Governance and Youth Empowerment
Please advise on source of funding / donor(s)
Changing lives Switzerland
Full name of organisation’s contact person
Paul Kagga
Mission of the organization
To proactively address the challenges that hinder productive transformation of the youth into credible citizens of the nations.
Organisation website – full URL
Email address of the organisation
Social impact Statement
Together for Africa is a youth led NGO that has motivated 1,500 youth,carried out skills development for 22 girls and encouraged savings culture among the youth.
Full link to Facebook page
Telephone Number
+256755 976622
Full name of Founder / President
Paul Kagga
WhatsApp Number
Telephone Number - alternate
Full name of co-founders
Max Amanu
Number of beneficiaries?
1,000-100 000
Is the organisation registered/certified
Full name of current President/CEO
Paul Kagga
Countries covered, or geographic footprint
African Continent
Please select your registration date
01 August 2016 2:00 am
Total number of staff members?

Youth organisation location

Kampala, Uganda
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