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Introducing girls to ICT and building their digital skills

Posted on 10-02-2020


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Access To Computers For Every Girl
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Youth-led organisation
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Introducing girls to ICT and building their digital skills
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Education and Skills Development
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Interactive Science Foundation t/a
Cape Town Science Centre
370B Main Road, Observatory,
Cape Town South Africa, 7925
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Agla Akplomey, Cotonou, Benin 00229
Mission of the organization
Our primary mission is to give greater numbers of girls in school access to free training on Information and Computer Technology (ICT), in particular computer science. To achieve this mission, AC-FEG focuses its interventions on the following activities:
training in the use of computers; training in computer programming and robotics; providing schools with computer equipment; the installation of sound libraries; and, awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of information technology.
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Senou Fibiace
Social impact Statement
Since 2016, 874 girls from different schools were trained in the use of computers; and 210 girls were trained in the concepts of personal development. 4,076 people indirectly affected. Seven departments were helped and 15 schools.
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Senou Fibiace
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Viciennon Sandrine
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Ouendo Grace
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01 August 2016 2:00 am
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Cotonou Prefecture
Offering women's-only programmes

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Agla, Cotonou, Bénin
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