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Nurturing transformative leadership in girls and young women

Posted on 28-02-2020


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Akili Dada
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Offering women's-only programmes
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Youth-led organisation, Youth-serving organisation
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Short mission statement
Nurturing transformative leadership in girls and young women
Focus areas
Education and Skills Development, Governance and Youth Empowerment
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Private Foundations, Corporates and Individuals
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27847-00100 Nairobi
Mission of the organization
Our mission is to nurture transformative leadership in girls and young women from underserved backgrounds to meet the urgent need for more African women in leadership and key decision making spaces. Dr. Wanjiru Kamau Rutenberg founded Akili Dada in 2005. As a feminist researcher and 2018 Tutu Fellow, Wanjiru wrote her doctoral research on the bottlenecks limiting African women's access to decision-making spaces. It was here that she became convinced that leadership is not accidental but rather must be nurtured with intention and purpose. Her research inspired Akili Dada, an organization that enables young African women to pursue educational and leadership opportunities not previously available to them so that they can emerge as ethical leaders and take their rightful places in society
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Joy Zawadi
Social impact Statement
Since 2006, we have educated 148 young girls from underserved backgrounds.
Since 2014, we have equipped 74 young girls with 21st-century skills and life skills that prepare them to readily face the work industry on completing university studies. Additionally, 51 young women ha have been equipped with social entrepreneurship and innovation skills.
Since 2009 more than 45,000 individuals have collectively been impacted through girl and young women leaders social change initiatives.
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Wanjiru Kamau Rutenberg
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+254721 552120
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Purity Kagwiria
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1,000-100 000
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01 December 2006 2:00 am
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Countries covered, or geographic footprint
Nationally, Akili Dada works across 27 counties in Kenya with programmatic reach in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.
Registration body / Regulator
Non-Governmental Organizations Board

Youth organisation location

Block B, Saachi Plaza along Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi, Kenya
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