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Professionalizing the work of HRDs

Posted on 14-05-2020


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Professionalizing the work of HRDs
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Education and Skills Development, Governance and Youth Empowerment
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- CCFD-Terre Solidaire Sept. 2017- Mars 2018
-PNUD Nov. 2017- Déc. 2018
-Ambassade Suisse Nov 2017-Mars 2018
-OSIWA Fév. 2018 - Mars 2020
-PNUD Mai 2018 -Décembre 2019
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1441,Rue des Tecks, Bé-Klikamé,Lomé-Togo.
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The mission of the CDFDH is to offer natural and legal persons engaged in the protection and promotion of human rights, technical support for the professionalization of their work as defenders. The CDFDH is thus specialized in training, research and support to state and non-state actors in order to advance the cause of human rights in Togo and Africa.
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Godwin Kokou ETSE
Social impact Statement
In 2018, 20 young tools took part in media monitoring which resulted in a report on "public media in Togo, pluralism in debate": the release of this report contributed today to endowing the press code, the High Authority for Audiovisual and Communication (HAAC) organized a meeting with the public media on fair access to media trends, the HAAC has adopted a 5-year strategic plan

In 2019, 90 young people equipped with the use of the web for the promotion of human rights:
-they produced multimedia content (awareness articles and videos) and awareness campaigns ("what" did not work "campaign which had the merit of making 3 young people involved in recycling waste known, the campaign on violence against women which leads to legal assistance for 8 women victims
- 109 young people engaged in the promotion of human rights, through the establishment of 3 youth communities
- 37 young people steeped in community life through a volunteer program, to date almost 50% of young people are involved in youth communities and other associations. 2 of them have created their own organization
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André Kangni AFANOU
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Mawulikplimi KENON
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01 March 2017 2:00 am
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101 - 500
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Ministry of Territorial Administration of Decentralization and Local Authorities
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