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Educating Africans about healthy living

Posted on 26-01-2021


Organisation Name
Healthy Africans Platform
Country of operation
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Organizing free trainings with token for certificates
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Youth-led organisation
Focus areas
Health and Wellbeing
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Educating Africans about healthy living
Mission of the organization
Through short module courses:
• We are set to educate students about important public/global health issues
• We are set to educate Africans about healthy living through our website, social media and other forms of virtual communication.
Through mentorship
• We are set to train students and young Africans to become advocates of healthy lifestyle
Through charity projects
• We are set to increase access to treatments for less privilege
• We are set to educate rural communities in their local dialects and provide incentives
• We are set to implement projects that will improve quality of health and well-being of Africans
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Social impact Statement
Since the organization was founded in September 2020, we have published about 40 articles on healthy living on the organization's website with over 2000 reads. The organization is implementing a project called Substance Abuse Initiative which so far has trained 30 students to become advocates against substance abuse; hosted a webinar on prevention of substance abuse with 70+ participants and 400+ people reached online. The organization has published in an American journal about a public health challenge in Africa. The organization has posted 10 posters and 1 video on substance abuse initiative and has partnered with four other organizations.
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Abdulhammed Opeyemi Babatunde
Full name of Founder / President
Abdulhammed Opeyemi Babatunde
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University College Hospital
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