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Changing Africa's agriculture using Innovation

Posted on 18-08-2021


Organisation Name
Agape Innovations Limited
Registration body / Regulator
Uganda Registration Services Bureau
Number of staff 18-40?
Organisation Types
Youth-led organisation
Registration body / Regulator website
Offering women's-only programmes
Short mission statement
Changing Africa's agriculture using Innovation
Country of operation
Is the organization profit-making?
Organisation address in text format for site search purposes 24747, kampala Uganda. Kingsway Plaza, Container Viilage Kampala Uganda.
Focus areas
Employment and Entrepreneurship
Does the organization maintain financials?
Full name of organisation’s contact person
Mugisha Paul
Mission of the organization
To be a model in the transformation of Africa's agriculture
Please advise on source of funding / donor(s)
private funding
Email address of the organisation
Social impact Statement
we have provided improved seed to over 10,000 farmers in Uganda.
We have introduced an alternative solution to insect pest control in Uganda without using inorganic chemicals.
We have played part in solving the Fall army worm problem among farmers using digital tools (mobile applications).
Organisation website – full URL
Telephone Number
Full name of Founder / President
Mugisha Paul
WhatsApp Number
Telephone Number - alternate
Full name of co-founders
Ssembajwe Ronald
Number of beneficiaries?
1,000-100 000
Is the organisation registered/certified
Full name of co-founders
Mukembo Joshua
Countries covered, or geographic footprint
Please select your registration date
01 April 2019 2:00 am
Total number of staff members?

Youth organisation location

Room F9 kingsway plaza, container village kampala Uganda Ssebana, Ssebaana Kizito Rd, Kampala, Uganda
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