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Aid institution for orphans and deprived children

Cote d'Ivoire
Working for orphaned and deprived children

Posted on 27-01-2020

AJA Togo - Association Justice Accessible Togo

Making access to justice a reality

Posted on 12-05-2020

Please flag inaccurate information

Should you encounter a directory entry with inaccurate or misleading information, please flag the entry.

To do so, go to the very bottom right of the entry, where you'll see a flag icon and the text: REPORT.  Please state why the information is inaccurate or misleading. If information is simply out of date, please contact the organisation with the link and ask them to update it. You can do so via their email address in the directory listing or by using the SEND A MESSAGE button. We will follow up with the organisations about flagged entries.